Thursday, July 8, 2010

Printing deadlines. A reality check.

This is a touchy subject, and therefore, I will attempt to approach it carefully.

I have noticed lately that more and more potential customers call us wanting custom printed products in an unreasonable amount of time. We have had some requests for 1000 full-color business cards, printed on both sides, with UV coating, in less than 1 hour.


The business card usually has to be designed. The customer has to approve the design. The design then has go through pre-flight, batch stagging, batch imposition, pre-press, and so on (you get the picture). Once the first side is printed, it must dry before the back side can be printed, then it must dry again before cutting. All this takes time... certainly more than an hour... unless some one has discovered a space-time continuum and didn't tell me.

It's been my experience... and I have a lot... that when a job is "rushed" there will most likely be mistakes. Why not allow yourself and your commercial printer the time to do the job right.

Tammy Dills

Atlanta AdGraphics, LLC

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